My Honest Product Reviews,

Currently I’ll be working to update this with every product I try, If i bought it or just tried it ill be giving my honest opinion here about it:


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HYER:  Big-E

This Big-E Adaptor Kit, replaces the torch in a less worrisome, and forget-less way. The features of the Big-E are versatile because of its flat adjustable base to grip to the bottom of 90% of flat based glass, sadly this kit does not attach to any type of nail (which would be a really cool thing to add to a possible newer version) but it does come with two different gauged bucket Quarts nails with the perfect base to support the Ceramic Heating Element, Ceramic is a great way to get an amazingly quick heat up time making any dab a fast task, HYER states that it can heat to 750 Degrees Fahrenheit in 90 Seconds, the Big-E comes equipped with a a 10 bit ADC for precise temperature sensing, that stabilizes a temperature faster than a torch ever could! An amazing feature to this is that it is ABSOLUTELY CORDLESS, to me that is really amazing and I have not seen any other E-nails like this so it really makes this product stand out over any other E-nail on the market like this and has the battery charge of two (2) hours of continuous use/ up to 25 “sessions”. A “Session” counts as 1-2 dabs depending on how fast you take a dab, after pressing the power button once it will start your “session” and it will heat to the temperature you set once reaching your desired temperature it will vibrate to let you know (another cool feature) after a few minuets it will then auto shut off (i really enjoy this feature) to save power. If you dislike this mode they also have implemented a “continuous mode” that will not power down until you make it for what ever type of stoner you are! On the Big-E they have put a light on the base to shine into your bong and let you know what setting it is currently at, “Whether it’s heating up (blue), ready to go (green), or in cleaning mode (purple).” If you really need to save space it has a little compartment for dabs, this feature could honestly be better in my opinion Im not a fan of hoe the container is angled, but i’m sure some stoners love this, it also comes with a little tool/pokey stored underneath the temperature screen. Another awesome feature is it does have a usb on the back so if you need to charge anything its got your back in emergencies! A downside to the Big-E is that it comes with a small amount of buttons which makes it compact but can also be confusing, you must have your manual handy until you get used to all its feature, another thing like mentioned before it cant fit to any nail, or banger but the ones they provide are well priced just like the Big-E at only 299$ USD.



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Dank Fung : The Florist

The Florist is a great way to get the most from your cannabis, in a stress free, easy, accessible way! This is because the Florist is the most light weight vape i’ve ever come across (which is hugely noticeable) with a all ceramic kiln, and gentle heating element, making this one of the tastiest ways to inhale your dry cannabis! Another one of my favourite features of this device is that it is built in with an easy to use temperature control to choose your ideal setting rather than presets like most vapes around this price range with all these features. The only downside to this product which is what makes it the price it is and how they probably make it so light weight probably is that it only hold a charge for about 30 minuets, it does recharge very quickly but this does effect the sesh if you are using it in larger groups. Its a great charge if its for personal use tho! It also only works on flower which can have pros and cons to it depending on the person!