Eligh Madison

I personally chose this name for the reason that it is unique and uncommon from gender normalities. The reason I find this to be important is because I personally believe people should really strive to be unique, embrace themselves and use this life to have fun and be who they truly are no matter how they choose to identify. I also believe we should all live a life without any judgement to achieve personal peace. This includes categorizing, you always must “look beyond what you see”   and spread positivity.


Mon. October 5th, 1998.

British Columbia, Canada.

I am a Libra, “The great strength of the Libra-born is their quest for fairness, peace and harmony. That the Scales are the great diplomats of the zodiac further helps their case. A beautiful journey this will be, thanks to the Libra’s inimitable sense of style.”


High School Graduate, English Honours, Academic Award, High Achievers Award.

Oaksterdamn University, Valedictorian Of Horticulture


Food, Photography, Acting, Commercial, Runway, Modelling, Media Design, Media Management, WordPress, Tumblr, Instagram, Influencing, Promotion, Yoga, Mindfullness, Gymnastics, Cheerleading.


British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Hawaii, Mexico, Cuba, Brazil.

Hopefully more to come soon!


Some of them are:

Animals, Plants, Cannabis, Chemistry, Science, Travel, Food, Art, Yoga, Dance, Photography, Movies, Events, Crystals.


Other Random Facts:

2 Tattoos on my body, One on my ankle the other on my thigh. I do plan to get more in the future! Ask me on live and ill tell you their meanings!

I have a pet cat but love dogs they just need a lot of attention and my cat is already pretty needy, I mean I did name her Princess so it could be slightly my fault.

Ive been on social media since like 2009

Im natural Redhead with Curly hair! (it was even bigger as a kid)

I love Tea

I love to Bake, and my grandpa used to own a bakery!

I enjoy the idea of minimalism and work to implement it more in my life.

Ask me questions on my Tumblr to see more answers about me here! (it can be anonymous if you’re shy)